Sergey Mikhanov  

I write software; therefore it would be technically correct to refer to myself as “software developer”. I work at Apple, in the company’s London office.

I started as a Java developer in 2001. By 2005 I felt limited in enterprise Java and have joined jNetX, Inc. (acquired in October 2009 by Amdocs) to work on their carrier-grade high-performance application server. Working there was extremely productive, I have learned a lot. In 2006 I have moved to Austria while continuing working with jNetX’s flagship product at Kapsch CarrierCom AG in their Vienna office. My title there was System Expert which could be translated into more widespread Software Architect, and if your ever used voicemail in Austria you have most likely used our software (there’s more on what I have created while working there.)

In 2010 I moved to London, got a taste of finance industry at Nomura, and a bit later felt an urge for a radical change. So I left the world of big corporations and started Room, a small software studio. We were trying to reinvent the spreadsheets for touch devices with Scalar² application.

In early 2013 I joined Fountain Digital Labs, a small London-based startup, and remained the CTO of the company for two years, until spring 2015. Fountain Digital Labs is building Virry, the BAFTA- and Webby-winning iPad app that helps children love nature more.

About my education: I have a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Moscow State Aviation Technical University. In culture, I am an admirer of modern and contemporary art. For political views I like to cite ex-Twitter’s Alex Payne: “my politics are closest to that of The Economist newspaper: mildly Libertarian, fiscally conservative, socially liberal where it’s practical and pragmatic, cautiously globalist”.

The purpose of this blog is described in its very first entry (and mutations it underwent are described elsewhere.)